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Teen Camps

The Youth Center remains closed at this time. Virtual programming via the Youth Programs social media outlets will continue during the return to full capacity Phase 2A. The Youth Program Summer Camp, Camp Adventure, has been cancelled for the summer of 2020.

Youth Programs provides a wide variety of services and activities for youth ages 5-18 including before and after school programs, summer vacation and school holiday camps, as well as youth transition and support services. There are opportunities for education, career, character and leadership development through the Torch and Keystone Clubs. Youth will also learn health and life skills and have the option to participate in sports and recreation programs. For more information please feel free to stop by the Youth Center and talk to our staff.

Keystone Club
Keystone is the Boys and Girls Club’s most dynamic teen program. It allows teens to gain leadership and service experience while focusing on academic success, career exploration, community service, and teen outreach. There are four different charter levels: Basic, Silver, Gold, and Legacy. Within those charters are different requirements set in place in order to fulfill each level. Click here for a full list of charter levels and requirements.
#WeOwnFriday Teen Nights
#WeOwnFriday is a series of Teen Nights that take place at the Youth Center.
There is FREE food, games and activities for teens ages 13-18.
Torch Club
Torch Club provides opportunities for youth ages 10-13 to have a positive impact on their communities through small group, peer-driven leadership and service clubs. Members will strengthen both their critical thinking and leadership skills. 
Have talents or skills to share?
We're looking for dance, drum/music, and gymnastics instructors to provide classes for children. Interested in becoming an instructor? Call us.
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