UNITE Program


Courtney Cann

Community Cohesion Coordinator (C3)



The UNITE Program provides squadron leaders with funding to initiate events that will build resiliency and support unit cohesion and morale in squadrons, flights or smaller working groups. This includes Active Duty, Reserve, and both APF and NAF Civilians. This program is not Air Force exclusive.

Your team will direct the breakout game master, a real person in a real escape room, to explore and find the clues! You all have 60 minutes to beat the game. 
Teams are guided through virtual escape games by a trusty game master. Great games such as Supervillain’s Lair, The Witch’s Tower, and The Magician.
Put the team back in teamwork. 100+ corporate team building activities to enhance communication and build camaraderie. Events are virtual, in-person or a hybrid.
60-90 minute fully facilitated
online team building activities specifically for squadrons and units within the U.S. Air Force.

Virtual Events
Click photo to go to company website on a non-network computer only.


Interactive events in virtual environment that aim to create a similar experience as physical events.


Pre-approved and easy to implement. Consider using FSS related programs to maintain funds on the base.


Events in the local area with a cost. Must be approved by Air Force Service Activity which can take up to 21 days.


Charitable work is cost effective and enables co-workers to work together as a team in a different environment while making a big impact in the community.

4 Types of Events

Due to Coronavirus, we encourage you to participate in virtual events.

Funding Allocation

$13.50 per person for unit cohesive activities and $5.00 per person for food and non-alcoholic beverages. The per person allocation will be reduced if contractors and others are included. The Unit is responsible for any costs that exceed the allotted amount.


UNITE funds cannot be used to augment holiday parties on or off base, and cannot be combined with other APF, SM&W, or FSS unit funds.

Getting Started

  1. UNITE POCs from the unit should contact Courtney Cann, Community Cohesion Coordinator (C3), to schedule a conference call to discuss the program, event ideas, funding, forms, and program guidelines.

  2. When the unit is ready to host an event, they will submit the Event Request Form to the C3. The approval process can take up to 21 days for approval.

  3. Once approved by AFSVC, the UNITE POC can move forward with the UNITE event.

Bring your unit to Hanscom Lanes to experience one of the most popular recreational pastimes. Package includes 2 hours of bowling and shoe rental. 
Golfers and non-golfers alike can enjoy the Patriot Golf Course for positive reinforcement of teamwork. Voted multiple times as “Best U.S. Military Small Golf Course.”
Experience the beautiful Fourth Cliff Recreation Area overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Includes kayaks, paddles, trailers, personal flotation devices, volleyball set, and coolers.
Try a great biking trail. Tickets & Tours has you covered with a 3-hour tour at one of the many nearby historical locations. Bike/helmets are provided.

Ready to Execute Events