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SMW and OPP Funds

Special Morale and Welfare Funds (SMW)

Special Morale and Welfare Programs Funds are non-appropriated funds (NAF) designated to contribute to the overall morale and welfare of the military community.


The requirements for obtaining these funds are as follows:

  • Events must be conservative and in the best interests of the United States Air Force.

  • Beneficial to the military community

  • Not be limited to specific grades/levels of personnel.

  • Requests must be made 10 work days prior to event date.

Confirm your SMW request has been approved before spending money.

Organizational Parties & Picnics Funds (OPP)
OPP Funds are authorized to support social events restricted to unit-level picnics and parties (no alcohol).

  • Exercise care to assure all eligible personnel are able to attend.

  • The function must include civilian members.

  • Requests must be made 12 work days prior to event date.

Return all original receipts to the NAF Accounting Office for reimbursement no later than 10 working days after the event.


20 Schilling Circle

Bldg. 1305

Hanscom AFB 01731



SMW Request
SMW Funds Allowance Table
OPP Fund Request (Download for preview)
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