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Recharge for Resiliency Programs

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Andrew Lane
Community Programmer

Recharge for Resiliency (R4R) is an Air Force wide program for Force Support Squadron morale, welfare and recreation (MWR) activities. R4R seeks to serve single or unaccompanied airmen, airmen preparing for deployments/returns and families, and units/squadrons. R4R provides resources that foster unit cohesion, culture, mission, and a sense of community among Airmen and their families. The programs are targeted to a specific audience. Other branches of the US military are eligible if they are a part of an Air Force led joint-based scenario or are permanently assigned to an Air Force base.


There are limited spots on all trips. Space is on a first come, first serve basis.


Programs for Air Force assigned service members and their family members who have deployed or returning home from an active operation on a dependent-restricted assignment. Eligibility for programs up to 1 year after service member returns to the home station.

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Events for squadron leaders to build resiliency and support unit cohesion and morale in squadrons, flights or smaller working groups. Funding is provided. Includes Active Duty, Reserve, and both APF and NAF Civilians. Program is not Air Force exclusive.


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Recreational and social activities to foster a strong culture, healthy lifestyle, and sense of community for single Airmen. Air Force Active Duty or Air Reserve Component officer or enlisted member without a spouse are eligible.
Supervised high adrenaline Outdoor Recreation programs for Airmen gearing up for deployment or returning to their home duty station as they reintegrate into regular social networks, family life, and local communities.
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