Auto Skills Center



Auto Skills Center

Bldg. 1608

Hanscom AFB 01731


781-225-3950 (Fax)


Open by appointment only
Rates and Fees
Open by appointment only. Call 781-225-6587. Self-service will be closed.
Come into the Auto Skills Center and let our knowledgeable staff perform any repairs or maintenance work you need for your vehicle. Our shop offers the lowest rates in town. If you'd like to work on your own vehicle, we offer garage space for that as well. Please see additional offerings below.
The Auto Skills Center Center is open for Active Duty, Retirees, Veterans, DoD Civilians, Contractors.


Maintenance and Repairs

We offer a wide range of services including synthetic and regular oil changes, tire rotation and alignment, tune ups and more! We also offer a self service bay where you can safely work on your own vehicle.


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Car Wash

Need your vehicle washed? Drive through our no touch automatic car wash that is open 24/7. We also have a self service bay if you prefer to do it yourself. Don’t forget to finish the job with our new vacuums and car product vending machines.

Sale Lot

The sale lot is a public space on Chennault Street, next to the Education Center, for the Hanscom Community to sell vehicles, RVs or motorcycles. When buying a car from this lot we will provide a Lemon-Aid Service and a discount on automotive parts.


Get your car conveniently inspected right on base. In addition to an Emissions Test we offer State Auto, Motorcycle, and Transportation Network Companies inspections.

Locked Security Compound

The Locked Security Compound is a safe place where you can store excess vehicles.

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Hanscom Air Force Base, MA 01731