Airman and Family Readiness Center 66th Force Support Squadron (FSS)


Mon. - Fri. 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Bldg. 1240

The Hanscom Airman and Family Readiness Center offers a variety of services and programs for all single and married active-duty military personnel, Department of Defense civilians, retired military personnel and family members. Programs are free of charge and held on base.

You're invited to stop by the A&FRC any time; check out our wonderful classes and services, take a tour of our center. Coffee's always on! Wi-Fi available (not to be used for government business).

Air Force Aid Society Assistance 781-225-2765; 877-272-7337 for emergencies during non-duty hours >>

Casualty/Crisis Support 781-225-2765; 781-858-2300 for emergencies during non-duty hours >>

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RELOCATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: The A&FRC helps married and single military members prepare for relocation to a new base or adjust upon arrival. We offer classes and programs to manage the mobile military lifestyle.

  • Important links for inbound or outbound personnel include:
    • Military Installations
    • PCS Information
    • Compare Communities
    • Sponsor Training
  • Loan Locker: We have household items you can borrow while in transition. Hours of operation are
    • Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday: 0900-1200
    • Wednesday 0800-1200
    • Friday 0800-1100
  • TRANSITION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (TAP): Members separating or retiring from military service are required to participate in the Transition Assistance Program which includes:
    • Pre-separation benefits counseling
    • 5-Day TAP Goals, Plans, Success workshop; taught in partnership with Department of Labor as well as Veterans Affairs
    • Capstone appointment which is an individual evaluation of a member’s career readiness standards
  • EMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE: We offer several classes to help you write an effective resume as well as how to search for jobs, network, prepare for an interview and negotiate a winning salary. Classes taught by our Certified Federal Career Coaches include but are not limited to:
    • Federal Resume Writing and USAJobs
    • Private Sector Resume Writing
    • Effective Job Search Strategies
    • Effective Interviewing
  • READINESS SUPPORT: Our Readiness NCO is prepared to assist military members and their families with all phases of deployment. We offer services and resources regarding:
    • Pre-deployment briefing - spouses are highly encouraged to attend
    • Hearts Apart Group monthly events to share experiences and provide support to one another
    • Give Parents a Break referral and Car Care Because We Care vouchers
    • Reintegration Support - when the military member returns
  • PERSONAL FINANCIAL READINESS (PFR): The PFR program offers information, education and personal financial counseling to help individuals and families meet their financial goals. Appointments with the Certified Financial Counselor and workshops can address money management issues such as:
    • Budgeting and Credit Management
    • Debt Education and Reduction
    • Basics of Investing and Planning for Retirement
    • Home and Car Buying
  • AIR FORCE AID SOCIETY (AFAS): The Air Force Aid Society provides emergency assistance and sponsors various educational and community enhancement programs. Emergency assistance is available to Airmen and their eligible family members to meet immediate needs in emergency situations. Based on the situation, aid can be provided for:
    • Basic living expenses
    • Emergency travel
    • Vehicle expenses, and more.
  • *AFAS also serves as the liaison to the Army Emergency Relief (AER) and the Navy Marine Corp Relief Society (NMCRS) for service members in the local area that do not have immediate access to their relief society
  • PERSONAL AND WORK LIFE (P&WL): The Personal & Work Life programs are designed to enrich and improve the quality of life for families and individuals. P&WL services include workshops that topics such as:
    • Communication
    • Relationships / Parenting
    • Personal Growth and Development
  • SCHOOL LIAISON OFFICER (SLO): Our School Liaison specializes in serving military families and offers a wide variety of services supporting families during school transitions. The SLO can assist parents with:
    • Information on local schools and registration requirements
    • Home schooling regulations and resources
    • Graduation requirements for high school students
    • Special needs information and referrals
  • EXCEPTIONAL FAMILY MEMBER PROGRAM (EFMP) FAMILY SUPPORT: EFMP supports service members and their families that may have special needs such as educational, medical, physical, or psychological. Our EFMP Family Support program provides services that include:
    • On and off base information and referral
    • Relocation assistance
    • School services information and coordination
    • Casualty Assistance supports families of wounded or deceased military members by providing compassionate services and accurate information regarding benefits and entitlements.
    • Survivor Benefits Program (SBP) Counseling is for retirees and their families and helps them to understanding how they can choose to protect the military members’ retirement pay. SBP Counseling is mandatory for service member with an approved retirement date.

Someone to talk to when you need it...

Military Family Life Counselors (MFLC) provide free, short-term, non-medical, solution-oriented counseling on a range of issues. For service members and their families – no records are kept. Call (781) 879-7654 and leave your first name only for an appointment!

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides a confidential, free counseling service on a wide range of personal and work concerns for DoD civilian, NAF and DECA employees as well as their family members. The EAP offers Financial and Legal services as well. Contact Ina Bachman, LICSW, CEAP at 1-800-222-0364 for an appointment and check out the website . *On site every Monday!

Private Sector & Federal Resume Critique | By ‘in person’ appointment only - Resumes are reviewed by an employment specialist with HR experience - get feedback to improve your format and content. Email your resume to & receive a response within 7 business days. Prior attendance at A&FRC or TAP Resume Writing class is recommended.

Individual Transition Plan Checklist - Capstone Verification | All service members who completed Pre-separation counseling on or before 1 Sep 13 are required to complete DD Form 2958, Service Member’s Individual Transition Plan Checklist (referred to as “Capstone”), prior to separation/retirement. Appointments are available every Tuesday, from 1–2:30 m. Call 781-225-2765 to schedule an appointment with an A&FRC Consultant.

School Liaison Program is available to coordinate and assist military and DoD civilian parents with school-age children with educational opportunities and information necessary to succeed in an academic environment. Call 781-225-2765 for assistance/information.

Veterans Affairs Disability Claims Review | A representative from AMVETS, a veterans' service organization is available on Fridays (by appointment only) to assist in processing disability claims and answering questions. Call the AMVETS Service Representative at 617-303-5698.

VA Benefits Advisors are available. Please contact them at 781-225-2625 or 508-847-9985. Located in Bldg 1217. 

Veterans Services Representatives | Veterans services representatives are available. Please contact them at (781) 225-2624. Located in Bldg 1217.

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